My Colleagues Customs

About My Colleagues Customs

I make custom figures of my friends, to give to them as gifts. These are some that I made for my colleagues at the two offices where I do contract work.

APS - Technology Team

APS Richard APS Godric APS Ben APS Mark APS Sasha APS James APS Vicki APS Paul APS Frosty APS Dan APS Cos APS Darren (Christmas-Chainsaw-Massacre)

TLC - IT Team

TLC Rachel TLC James TLC Kelly TLC Rob TLC Sasha TLC Maggie TLC Plant Joe TLC Janice TLC Conor TLC Maryam TLC Mo TLC Kay TLC Jim (Midget-Tossing)

Example Custom Tableau

TLC - Janice, Sasha, James, and Rachel


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