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Joyful-Dancing Numfar

Front view


  • 2.21 "Through the Looking Glass"
  • Numfar does the Dance of Joy to celebrate his brother Lorne's departure

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Professor Snape head (ToyBiz)
  • Spiderman body (Mattel)
  • Bucket, spade, and grassy stand (MAC)
  • Toy shop pig

Sculpt - July 2004

  • Altered face and put him in dancing position
  • Sculpted hair, shirt, trousers, and boots

Wizard World Event 2004

  • Gave Numfar to Joss Whedon as a gift


  • Front view
  • Joss Whedon holding Numfar - "I'm profoundly grateful for the gift"
Joss Whedon Holding Numfar