Marianne's Custom Collection

Marianne lives in France. She has been collecting my custom figures since January 2009.

Marianne's Collection Gallery

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Happy-Birthday Drusilla and Angel Silent-Action Riley Behind-Blue-Eyes Giles Advanced-Slayer-Training Buffy and Giles Three-Stooges Willow, Xander, and Anya Vampire-Slaying-Team Tara Bank-Heist Andrew, Jonathan, and Warren Halloween-Bone-Anza Wizard Giles Swaggering-Pirate Xander Under-Your-Spell Willow and Tara Skeleton-Fencing Giles Skipping-It Tara and Willow Greater-Good Robin Wood Deflated-General Buffy Scythe-in-the-Stone Buffy Kennedy the Vampire Slayer Hellmouth-Army Ubervamp Vi the Vampire Slayer Nick-Fury Xander Lake-Bathing Giant Dawn and Tiny Xander Shirtless-Boxing Xander Base-Jumping Buffy and Satsu


Angel-Investigations Doyle A-Helping-Hand Lindsey Scratch-and-Sniff-Vision Cordy Chamois-Suit Connor Brothers-in-Arms Angel and Spike Bad-Nina Lorne and Puppet Angel The-Latest-Style Angel One-Final-Lie Wesley and Fred (Illyria) Asylum Spike and Betta George Angel and Were-Leopard Desdemona

Firefly and Serenity

Praying-for-Kaylee Book Captain-Tightpants Mal Reynolds Second-in-Command Zoe Washburn Train-Job Kaylee Cowboy Jayne Cobb Accidental-Wedding-Guest Wash Glamorous-Romance Inara Hospital-Heist  River and Simon Buck-Nekkid Mal Ice-Planet River Bounty-Hunter Jubal Early Serenity-Mechanic Kaylee The Operative

Dollhouse | Dr. Horrible | Battlestar Galactica | Stargate

FBI-Agent Paul Ballard Anti-Hero Dr. Horrible Nemesis Captain Hammer Love-Interest Penny Reaching-Out-to-Kacey Kara 1969-Hippie Teal'c

Dark Angel

Cat-Burglar Max Ultimate-Sacrifice Zack Basement-Nomalie Joshua Reunion Max and Logan Look-Don't-Touch Max and Logan Cat-Burglar Alec Robot-Hybrid Zack Cage-Fight Alec and Max Flag-Painting Joshua Hover-Drone-Surfing Max

True Blood | Veronica Mars

New-Maker Bill Compton Beaten-but-Brave Sookie Stackhouse Silver-Scarred Eric Walking-Backup Veronica Mars To-the-Rescue Logan Echolls

Twilight Saga

Tree-Tricks Edward and Bella Baseball-Bat-Twirling Jasper Ageing-Dream Edward Running-a-Fever Jacob Wolf-Attack Bella and Jacob Conflicted-Beta Jacob Reminiscing Jasper and Alice Confederate-Major Jasper Whitlock

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