Supernatural Custom Figures

About My Supernatural Custom Figures

I started making Supernatural customs quite recently, in April 2010.


There are a few large busts available, made by CineQuest, but I haven't used them yet.


I have used 12" (1:6) scale heads sculpted by Ada to make large busts of Sam and Dean. More recently I have used a better Jensen Ackles custom head by Doll in Mind for Dean. I used Black Widow for Abaddon.


There are no professionally sculpted 7" plastic figures available for this property, so I adapt heads from other lines.

Heads Used for 7" Figures

  • Charmed Leo for Sam
  • Clark Kent or Corporal Hicks for Dean
  • Watchmen Comedian for John (same actor)
  • New Moon Alice for Jessica and Bela
  • Cordy for Meg
  • Fred for "Dead in the Water" Andrea (same actor)
  • Kill Bill Bride for Anna and Hannah
  • Plastic Fantasy Devinn for Kim
  • Sin City Miho for Ava
  • Darla for "Faith" Layla (same actor)
  • Tara for "Bloodlust" Lenore (same actor)
  • Stargate Vala for Jo
  • BGS Gina/Six for "Roadkill" Molly (same actor)
  • Drusilla for Season 3 Ruby
  • Twilight Bella for Season 4 Ruby
  • Boondock Connor for Castiel
  • Heroes Nikki for "Monster Movie" Jamie
  • Spike for "Shut Up, Dr Phil" Don (same actor)
  • Cordelia for "Shut Up, Dr Phil" Maggie (same actor)

Example Custom Tableau

Supernatural - Season 1 Customs - Demon-Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester