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Twilight Movies Custom Figures

About My Twilight Movies Custom Figures

I have customised around 40 one-of-a-kind figures and busts for the Twilight Saga. I started making Twilight customs as soon as the first Edward figure came out from NECA Toys in December 2008.


In subsequent years, NECA figures became available for Bella, Alice, Jasper, Jacob, and Victoria. I used them in my later customs. However, before they came out, I used Illyria for Bella, Lost Kate for Alice, BSG Starbuck for Jasper, and Lost Sun for Victoria.


For characters that have no professionally sculpted 7" figures available, I adapt heads from other lines.

Heads Used for 7" Figures

  • Charmed Leo for Emmett and Alec
  • Joyce Summers for Rosalie
  • Alias Vaughn for Carlisle
  • Lost Eko for Laurent
  • BSG Hotdog for Sam Uley
  • The Crow for Paul
  • Harry Potter Hermione for Jane
  • Galadriel for Heidi

Example Custom Tableau

Twilight Saga - Twilight Customs - La-Push-Stories Bella and Jacob