Priestess-of-R'hllor Melisandre (the Red Woman) *Light Up*

*Light Up* on the Shelf
*Beach Stand* on the Shelf
*Light Up* in the Dark

Game of Thrones

  • 2.1 "The North Remembers"
  • On the beach at Dragonstone, Melisandre burns the statues of the Faith of the Seven gods as an offering to her deity, the Lord of Light

Winning Custom at BtVSFigs Forum

  • NJ Custom of the Month - June 2015

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Cersei figure and stand (Dark Horse)
  • Essence of Spike light up stand, repainted (DST)

Sculpt - June 2015

  • Repositioned arms/hands and altered face
  • Sculpted hair, necklace, torso, hips, and belt


  • *Light up* on the shelf (above)
  • *Beach stand* on the shelf (above)
  • *Light up* in the dark
  • Reference, parts, and unpainted sculpt
  • *Light up* front view
  • *Light up* back view
  • Melisandre, Tyrion, and the Mountain
Reference, Parts, and Unpainted Sculpt
*Light Up* Front View
*Light Up* Back View
Melisandre, Tyrion, and the Mountain