Dornish-Water-Gardens Myrcella Baratheon

Main View
Front View

Game of Thrones

  • 5.6 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"
  • Myrcella is happy living at the palace in Dorne, until Oberyn's death reawakens old enmities between the Martells and the Lannisters

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Inari head (Plastic Fantasy)
  • Margaery body and stand (Dark Horse)
  • Pink paper flowers and leaves

Sculpt - May 2016

  • Altered face
  • Sculpted hair, dress, bracelet, and grass
  • I originally sculpted the flower in her hair but replaced it and added flowers to the stand


  • Main view (above)
  • Front view
  • Reference, parts, and unpainted sculpt
  • Side view | Back view
  • Doran, Cersei, and Myrcella
Reference, Parts, and Unpainted Sculpt
Side View Back View
Doran, Cersei, and Myrcella