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Legacy Customs Made in July and August 2003


When I moved to a new website in 2011, I didn't include some of my older work. As there are still collectors out there reselling my work, I'm including just the photos of my older work here (July-August 2003), so that they can see which are mine and which are similar works by other customisers.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2.5 "Reptile Boy" - Frat-Party Buffy

"Tom, you talk too much!"



2.5 "Reptile Boy" - Snake-Food Cordy

"You're going to jail for 15,000 years!"

2.5 "Reptile Boy" - Tweedy Giles

"If a vampire attacks, will you be ready to fight?"



2.8 "The Dark Age" - Techno-Pagan Jenny

"Nothing's safe in the world, Rupert."



2.10 "What's My Line?" - Kendra the Vampire Slayer

"I'm Kendra... the Vampire Slayer."


2.22 "Becoming" - Full-of-Grace Buffy

"Hello, Lover!"


3.21 "Graduation Day" - Cat-Fight Faith

"Well look at you... all dressed up in big sister's clothes!"



4.3 "Harsh Light of Day" - Spike-Whipped Harmony

"He was my platinum baby, and I loved him!"



4.14 "Goodbye Iowa" - Floppy-Disk Adam

"I seem to have a design flaw."



All Legacy Customs 2003-2007

All Legacy Customs 2003-2007 See photos of all my older work, not shown on this site before.


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