Customs Made in January and February 2005


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Inca-Mummy-Girl Ampata Giant-Fifth-Grade-Crush Ford Soul-Restoring Jenny Stalked-by-Angel Buffy Teacher's-Assistant Willow Puppy Angel Material-Girl Sunday Cave-Slayer Buffy Old-Pal-of-Xander's Spike Flapper-Diva Buffy Bad-Break-Up Harmony PTA-Darling Buffybot Nerd-Hunting Buffy Future-Slayer Melaka Fray


Chinese-Chic Darla Lornette Fred La-Dolce-Vita Dru

Real People

Self-Portrait Sasha Best-Friend Juliette Beautiful-Been Rachel Holiday-Bud Yasmin Mardi-Gras-Hound Mary Anne Lovely-Bloke Matthew Mum's-Friend Nadia

Prize-winning customs.

Legacy Customs from 2005 January and February (Images Only)

- Legacy Customs Jan & Feb 2005

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 6 Customs - PTA-Darling Buffybot


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