Mardi-Gras-Hound Mary Anne

Front View

Real People - My Friends

I met Mary Anne many years ago, when I was visiting the USA regularly as a computer software trainer. MA took me under her wing and showed me the sites in New Orleans. We've been friends ever since. She loves Mardi Gras.


Hurricane Ike swept away MA's house. This figure was one of the few items she was able to retrieve. It is now headless, but still proudly displayed.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Jean Grey head (ToyBiz)
  • Anya torso (DST)
  • Charmed Piper legs (SOTA Toys)
  • Blue dog card

Sculpt - January 2005

  • Sculpted chin knobble, hair, top, and jumper


  • Front view
  • The real person
The Real Person