Collectors and Their Friends Customs

About My Collectors and Their Friends Customs

Buyers commission me to make customs of themselves or their family and friends. Some of these buyers are also collectors of my TV and movie character customs.


Lovely-Custom-Collector Annette New Annette Silver-Fox Vincent Custom-Princess Jess My-Italian-Patron Daniela Spike-Fan Daniela Daniela's-Friend Matteo Wedding-Day Lyn and Lee Dearly-Departed Becky Boo Lyn's-Nan Sarah Jane Robin's-Grandma Louise A-Curious-Bookseller Sarah-Lynn Paul (Scullow) Poker-King Howie Mini-Custom-Maven Christina (Shivi) Shivi's-Beloved-Brother Tomi Paul (Spike the Bloody) Birthday Paul New-Collector Christina Party-Girl Shell Wedding-Cake-Toppers Shell and Paul Officers XX and XY Phil and Katrina Neil's Parents Joan at the Bronze Stuart's-Wife Ann-Marie

Prize-winning customs.

Example Custom Tableau

Real People - Collectors and Their Friends Customs - Wedding-Cake-Toppers Shell and Paul