Legacy Customs Made in March and April 2005


When I moved to a new website in 2011, I didn't include some of my older work. As there are still collectors out there reselling my work, I'm including just the photos of my older work here (March and April 2005), so that they can see which are mine and which are similar works by other customisers.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3.20 "The Prom" Prom-Date Angel

"It's a big night. I didn't want to miss it. It's just tonight... Dance with me?"


4.3 "Harsh Light of Day" Parker-Pained Buffy

"The Gem of Amara... You're a pig, Spike!"


5.5 "No Place Like Home" Only-Child Buffy

"You're not my sister... What are you?"




5.13 "Why We Fight" Initiative-Agent Angel

"Under naval op 4-0-7, I'm supposed to issue you your order: Charlie, Baker, Oboe, Victor... Nautilus."



All Legacy Customs 2003-2007

All Legacy Customs 2003-2007 See photos of all my older work, not shown on this site before.


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