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Customs Made in July and August 2011


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tickle-Fight Cousin Jordy and Oz To-Hell-and-Back Angel and Buffy Synchronised-Slaying Buffy and Faith Greater-Good Robin Wood Watchers-Academy Wesley and Ripper Giles Before-Sunnydale Buffy and Dawn Before-Buffy Xander and Willow Figurine-Variant Scythe Buffy Figurine-Variant Rising Master Figurine-Variant Vampire Angel Figurine-Variant Vampire Spike Figurine-Variant Newbie Faith

Angel | Firefly and Serenity | Supernatural

Angel-Investigations Doyle A-Helping-Hand Lindsey Captain-Tightpants Mal Reynolds Serenity-Mechanic Kaylee Rescued Inara The Operative Hunted Ava Dean the Vampire Slayer

True Blood | Stargate

Silver-Scarred Eric Neanderthal Samantha Carter Kara-Kesh-Device Apophis Alternate-Universe Teal'c Plant-Boy Daniel Jackson Jolinar's-Memories Martouf To-the-Rescue Janet Fraiser

Harry Potter | Twilight Saga | The Grudge | Real People

Incorrigible-Twins Fred and George Weasley Fred's-Girl Angelina Johnson Courtroom Barty Crouch Jr Perfect-Life Rosalie Hale The-Grudge Karen and Kayako Reconnected-Friend Melissa New-Collector Christina Wedding-Cake-Toppers Shell and Paul

Prize-winning customs. Customs donated to charity auctions.

Example Custom Tableau

Miscellaneous Movies Customs - The-Grudge Karen and Kayako


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