Customs Made in July and August 2020


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Beauty and the Beast | Harry Potter | Game of Thrones | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Beauty-and-the-Beast Belle Hermione and Crookshanks-the-Half-Kneazle-Cat Undetectable-Extension-Charm-Beaded-Bag Hermione Viserys's-Pawn Daenerys Targaryen Cheering-for-Loras Margaery Tyrell Secret-Tryst-with-Buffy Angel and Spike

Killing Eve | Warrior Nun | Charmed

Break-up-in-the-Ruins Villanelle First-View-of-the-Sea Warrior Nun Ava Silva Charmed-Lost-Sister Prue Halliwell

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Example Custom Tableau

"Game of Thrones" Viserys's-Pawn Daenerys Targaryen