Med-Pod-Caesarean Elizabeth Shaw

Front View Back View
Shaw Halucinating Holloway
Side View

Aliens: Prometheus

  • When Shaw realises that she is pregnant with an alien and that no one will help her, she uses the med-pod to perform a caesarean surgery on herself, and then escapes

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Elizabeth Shaw head and Grindhouse Dakota arms (NECA Toys)
  • Lost Sun body (McFarlane)
  • Med-stick (DST)

Sculpt - November 2017

  • Altered shape of arms, legs, and stomach
  • Sculpted hair, bandage underwear, and stapled stomach wound


  • Front and back views (above)
  • Shaw hallucinating Holloway (above)
  • Side view
  • Weyland, Ford, Shaw, Holloway, and Milburn
Weyland, Ford, Shaw, Holloway, and Milburn