Wolf-Pack Sam Uley

Front View

Twilight Saga - New Moon

  • The members of the Wolf Pack have a telepathic connection

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • BSG Hotdog head (DST)
  • Jacob torso and arms (NECA Toys)
  • Flash legs (DC Direct)
  • Harry Potter feet (NECA Toys)
  • Grass stand (DST)

Sculpt - May 2010

  • Used cast of shorts, legs, and trainers
  • Smoothed forehead and sculpted short hair
  • Moved belly button down
  • Smoothed joints in shoulders


  • Front view
  • Side view | Unpainted sculpt
  • The Pack - Jacob, Sam, and Paul
Side View Unpainted Sculpt
The Pack - Jacob, Sam, and Paul


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