Battlestar Galactica Custom Figures

About My Battlestar Galactica Custom Figures

I started making Battlestar Galactica customs in April 2009.


Diamond Select Toys (DST) make figures for Starbuck, Apollo, Dee, Helo, Boomer/Athena, Tyrol, Kat, Six/Gina, Leoben, Kendra, Tigh, Husker Adama, and Bill Adama. Before all of these came out, I used Lost Sun for Boomer/Athena, Stargate O'Neil for Tigh, and Husker for Bill.


For characters that have no professionally sculpted 7" figures available, I adapt heads from other lines.

Heads Used for 7" Figures

  • 300 Gorgo for Roslin
  • Heroes Nikki for Three
  • Six for Ellen Tigh
  • Stuntman Mike for Zarek
  • Farscape Aeryn for Tory
  • Narnia Lucy for Hera
  • Stargate Weir for Racetrack
  • Matrix Neo for Narcho
  • Hunger Games Gale for B&C Husker Adama
  • Terminatrix for Callie
  • New Moon Alice for Cain
  • Heroes Mohinder for Zak
  • Riddick Lord Marshal for Adar (same actor)
  • Twilight Edward for Crashdown
  • Lost Shannon for Seelix
  • Smallville Cyborg for Skulls
  • Lost Kate for Serina (original series)

Example Custom Group

Battlestar Galactica Custom Figures - Roslin, Kat, Zak, and Kara