Westworld - Season 1 Customs

Westworld - Season 1 Customs

This is a gallery of all Westworld - Season 1 Customs. Click a thumbnail image (below) or click a title (in the left hand menu) to see larger images and details for each custom.

1.1 "The Original" | 1.2 "Chestnut" | 1.3 "The Stray" | 1.5 "Contrapasso" | 1.10 "The Bicameral Mind"

These-Violent-Delights-Have-Violent-Ends Dolores Demonstrating-the-Reveries Clementine Welcome-to-Westworld-Host Angela Westworld-Mastermind Dr Robert Ford Awake-and-in-Charge Maeve and the Sparrow Awake-and-Angry Armistice


Prize-winning customs.

Example Custom Tableau

Westworld-Mastermind Dr Robert Ford Programming Welcome-to-Westworld-Host Angela