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Angel Custom Figures

About My Angel Custom Figures

I have customised over 100 one-of-a-kind figures and busts for Angel. This section of the website has five seasons of the TV show, and the Season 6 graphic novel.

I started making customs for Angel in July 2003, when I was a complete novice. My early work was rather clunky, but I've included some of it anyway.

Moore Action Collectibles (MAC) and Diamond Select Toys (DST) make 6" figures and 3" mini-busts for these characters: Angel, Cordy, Wesley, Fred, Illyria, Faith, Spike, Drusilla, Darla, the Master, Lorne, Buffy, Willow, and Oz. Sideshow Toys also make 12" dolls for many of these characters, which I tun into large busts.

For characters that have no professionally sculpted 6" figures available, I adapt heads from other lines.

Heads Used for 6" Figures

  • Ninth Doctor for Doyle
  • Spike for Demon Doyle
  • HP Hermione for Connor
  • Kurt Cobain or Oz for Lindsay
  • Atlantis Weir, Darla, or Lana Lang for Lilah
  • Lost Jin for Gavin (same actor)
  • Jayne (same actor) or Elrond for Hamilton
  • Sawyer for Good-Looking Vamp (same actor)
  • Legolas for the Immortal
  • War Machine or Steve Hiller for Gunn
  • Anya or Dru for Fred (before Fred figure was available)
  • Heroes Claire for Kate
  • Ludmilla Drago for Harmony
  • Vamp Drusilla for Vamp Harmony
  • Riddick Kyra (same actor) or Cordy for Gwen
  • Sue Storm for Slayer Dana
  • Professor Snape for Demon Numfar

Example Custom Tableau

Angel - Season 5 Customs - Suiting-Up Illyria