Angel - Season 2 Customs

Angel - Season 2 Customs

This is a gallery of all Angel - Season 2 Customs. Click a thumbnail image (below) or click a title (in the left hand menu) to see larger images and details for each custom.

2.1 "Judgement" | 2.3 "First Impressions"

An-Old-Friend Gunn Moon-Bathing Angel First-Impressions Charles Gunn Sweet-Dreams Darla and Angel

2.5 "Dear Boy"

Apt-Pupil Angel Evil-Mentor Darla Doom-Sensing Dru

2.7 "Darla" - See Also: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5.7 "Fool for Love"

Darla's-New-Beau Angel Annoying-Upstart Angel Leaving-with-the-Stallion Darla Recruiting Darla, Angel, and Drusilla Chinese-Chic Dru Slayer-Slaying Spike Chinese-Chic Darla

2.9 "The Trial" | 2.10 "Reunion" | 2.11 "Redefinition"

Darla's-Champion-and-Sacrifice Angel Darla-Siring Drusilla Family-Reunion Darla and Drusilla Ringing-All-Over Dru Shoe-Shopping Darla People-Cellar Darla and Drusilla Reconnaissance-Mission Angel

2.17 "Disharmony" | 2.18 "Dead End" | 2.21 "Through the Looking Glass"

Karaoke Harmony Vampire-Pyramid-First-Tier Harmony Lawyer's-Got-Some-Pipes Lindsey Cops-Suck Lindsey Joyful-Dancing Numfar Pylean-Princess Cordy

Prize-winning customs. Customs donated to charity auctions.

Example Custom Tableau

Angel - Season 2 Customs - Recruiting Angel, Darla, and Drusilla