First-Impressions Charles Gunn

Side View
Side View
Side View
Front View


  • 2.3 "First Impressions"
  • Cordy spends some time with Gunn and they find that their first impressions of one another were a misconception

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Lost Mr Eko head (McFarlane)
  • Teal'c body (DST)
  • Alley stand (MAC)
  • Axe and stake (DST)

Sculpt - July 2018

  • Altered nose and jawline
  • Sculpted doo-rag, sweatshirt, and hoodie
  • Smoothed joints in legs
  • Cast a monster in clear yellow resin and added glue


  • Front and side views
  • Unpainted sculpt
Unpainted Sculpt