Romantic-Doll Victor

Front View


  • 1.4 "Gray Hour"
  • Victor is often sent out on romantic assignments, but he still remembers that he loves Sierra when he's back at the Dollhouse

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Legolas head (ToyBiz) - Thanks to Jamersy for the head recipe!
  • Deluxe Angel figure (DST)
  • Spike hands and GD Angel feet (DST)
  • Wood floor stand (DST)

Sculpt - February 2010

  • Altered ears
  • Sculpted hair, t-shirt, and jogging bottoms
  • Smoothed over joints in arms
  • Printed Victor's drawings of Sierra and a soldier


  • Front view
  • Back view | Unpainted sculpt
Back View Unpainted Sculpt