Firefly TV Show Customs

Firefly TV Show Customs

This is a gallery of all Firefly TV Show Customs. Click a thumbnail image (below) or click a title (in the left hand menu) to see larger images and details for each custom.

1.1 "Serenity" | 1.2 "The Train Job"

Recruiting-with-a-Parasol Kaylee Posh-Doctor Simon Feast-Provider Shepherd Book Praying-for-Kaylee Book Captain-Tightpants Mal Reynolds Second-in-Command Zoe Washburn Train-Job River Train-Job Kaylee

1.4 "Shindig" | 1.5 "Safe" | 1.6 "Our Mrs Reynolds"

Miss Kaywinnit Lee Frye Courtly-Dancing Mal and Inara Cowboy Jayne Cobb The-Witch-Must-Die River and Simon Accidental-Wedding-Guest Wash Goodnight-Kiss-Doped Inara

1.7 "Jaynestown" | 1.8 "Out of Gas" | 1.9 "Ariel" | 1.10 "War Stories"

Preparing-for-Canton Jayne Glamorous-Romance Inara Hero-of-Canton Jayne Cobb Statue Too-Much-Hair Shepherd Book Funny-Stories Kaylee Hospital-Heist  River and Simon Rescue-Mission Zoe

1.11 "Trash" | 1.12 "The Message" | 1.13 "Heart of Gold" | 1.14 "Objects in Space"

Buck-Nekkid Mal Ice-Planet River Cunning-Hat-Wearing Jayne Deadwood-Madam Nandi Branch-Toting River Early's-Captive Simon Bounty-Hunter Jubal Early

Prize-winning customs. Customs donated to charity auctions.

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