My Family Customs

About My Family Customs

I make custom figures of my family and family friends, to give to them as gifts. There's even one of myself! Many of these customs are my early work, and not very skilled, but they are still dear to me.


Self-Portrait Sasha Fine-Artist Mum (Beany) Kayak-Loving Dad Brother Goran and Wife Charmie Gorgeous-Baby-Niece Autumn Cousin-and-Close-Friend Vikki Cousin-in-Law Kevin Cousin Crispin, the Archivist Ward-Sister Aunt Marjorie Uncle Robin in the River Harry-and-Hannah's-Mum Janice Harry-and-Hannah's-Cousin Sarah Second-Cousin Kayti Second-Cousin Maja Second-Cousin Nadica Mum's-Friend Nadia

Prize-winning customs.

Example Custom Tableau

Real People - My Family Customs - Goran and Charmaigne with the Wedding Cake Toppers