Beloved-Niece Hannah (Princess Prawn)

Main View

Real People - My Family

My beloved niece, Hannah, has been rocking the Daenerys silver locks recently, but I wanted to immortalise her with her natural hair colour which is a beautiful strawberry blonde. The outfit and pose is inspired by the photo of her on holiday in Dubai, below, but wearing a devore top that I gave her.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Wanda figure (McFarlane)
  • Daenerys stand (Dark Horse)

Sculpt - October 2017

  • Altered forehead, nose, chin, and body shape
  • Sculpted hair, top, shorts, watch, and belly stud
  • Created iPhone with old cassette and print


  • Main view
  • Front view | Unpainted sculpt
  • The real Harry and Hannah | Candid
  • Harry and Hannah together
Front View Unpainted Sculpt
The Real Harry and Hannah Candid
Harry and Hannah