Legacy Customs Made in February 2004


When I moved to a new website in 2011, I didn't include some of my older work. As there are still collectors out there reselling my work, I'm including just the photos of my older work here (February 2004), so that they can see which are mine and which are similar works by other customisers.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3.19 "Enemies" - Jezebel Faith

"The Mayor's got it wired, B! He built this town for demons to feed on."


5.7 "Fool for Love" - Sweet-Little-Chinese Slayer

"Tell my mother I'm sorry!"


5.7 "Fool for Love" - Last-Straw Darla

"While Spike (Spike!) was out killing a Slayer, you were saving missionaries... from me!"


5.7 "Fool for Love" - Missionary-Loving Angel

"I can't. I can't seem to be what I'm not. I'm sorry."


5.7 "Fool for Love" - Punky-Subway Spike

"The second one had a touch of your style... She was cunning, resourceful, and (did I mention?) hot! I could have danced all night with that one."


5.7 "Fool for Love" - Foxy-New-York Slayer

"I've got a job to do. The mission's what matters, right?"


6.7 "Once More with Feeling" - Smokin' Buffy

♪♫ "I think I was in Heaven." ♫♪




2.7 "Darla" - Spurned-but-Dignified Master

"You're leaving with the stallion, aren't you? No, let them go. It won't last... I give it a century, tops."


All Legacy Customs 2003-2007

All Legacy Customs 2003-2007 See photos of all my older work, not shown on this site before.


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