Customs Made in July and August 2004


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Newly-Chosen-Hemery-High Buffy Rat-Bothering Angel Cordy-Tempting Anya Cool-Brit-Babe Olivia Joan-of-Arc Willow Falsely-Accused Spike Out-and-Proud Willow Primeval Buffy (12") Pillow-Book Tara Sand-Pit Buffy Ice-Cream-Man Xander Knight-Napping Glory Dear-William Buffy Dark-Phoenix Willow Faux-Sane Spike She-Witch Willow

Angel | Firefly

Joyful-Dancing Numfar Angelus-Hunting Faith Sunlight-Chicken Spike and Angel Corset-Wearing-Floozy Dru Cunning-Hat-Wearing Jayne

Customs donated to charity auctions.

Legacy Customs from 2004 July and August (Images Only)

- Legacy Customs July 2004 - Legacy Customs August 2004

Example Custom Tableau

Angel - Season 2 Customs - Joyful-Dancing Numfar


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