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Chris Brockhouse (Canada) - See Chris's Custom Collection

"I first came across Sasha's work on eBay, and that is where I got my first two customs, Hodor, and Tywin on the latrine. Before I buy anything I always do research, and I quickly found her Home Page and was amazed at what I was saw. But truth be told, the pictures don't do justice to her work. To hold these works of art in my hand just blows me away. In less than a month, I had two more of her works of art on my shelf. By the time Game of Thrones Season 6 ended, I knew I needed a couple of defining moments in Arya's life, and commissioned Sasha to bring them to life for me. Every time I receive a new custom from Sasha it is just like being a kid at Christmas all over again. The incredible amount of time she puts in to study the scenes, in order to sculpt with such awesome awareness to detail is phenomenal. These One of A Kind Customs add a lot of charisma to my ever expanding Game Of Thrones Collection. I know I will be commissioning more very soon."

Annette Famulari (USA) - See Annette's Custom Collection

"I have been commissioning custom figures from Sasha for over 5 years now. I have always found her to be the consummate professional and most of all, artist. We have had a wonderful collaborative partnership over the years that I have come to cherish. Sasha is trustworthy and honest and as the subject of over 150 of my customs, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, would say - she always comes through for me. Not only does Sasha do an incredible job on television and movie characters, she does an outstanding job on real people. She always gets an amazing resemblance, if not outright spot on. I would recommend Sasha with all my heart! She is simply the best."

Frances Cook (UK) - See Fran's Custom Collection

"I have been collecting and commissioning custom figures from Sasha since February 2009. Since that first custom I have found her to be extremely trustworthy and reliable to commission many figures from her. The works she produces are of the highest standard and I have been kept in the loop during the production of all my figures. She always tries her very best to produce exactly what I've asked for, however I have always been consulted where this isn't entirely possible. Paying in advance has never had any impact on the standard or when I've received my figures."

André Sprankenis (Netherlands) - See André's Custom Collection

"When I first visited Sasha's website, I was truly astonished by what I saw. I stared my eyes out, and words such as marvellous, fantastic, and superb came to mind when I looked at those beautiful photos of her varied range of custom figures. I had never seen such a diversity of figures, which are so detailed and true to life. Sasha really has a terrific talent for making figures. She enhances her fantastic modeling skills with a meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparatory research into the character, outfit, and look of each figure. Sasha's figures are invariably very professionally made, with fantastic detailing and an immaculate finish. Her figures always possess magnificently sculptured lifelike looks, hairstyles, and outfits. The likeness of each figure to the real character it represents, is always amazingly accurate. And Sasha unfailingly succeeds in giving the figures their own personal character in their marvelous faces and expressions, and with those magnificent little particular accessories. And also truly remarkable is the short time which she generally needs to produce a particular figure, especially considering the continuous high standard and high quality of her work. Sasha has provided me with a marvellous collection of figures of the Battlestar Galactica series, and made me extremely happy."

Lior Zarzhetsky (Israel) - See Lior's Custom Collection

"I've been dealing with Sasha for years now and without any doubt she is one of the most pleasant people I've ever got to deal with. Not only she is a very talented woman (and I believe in this case her work speaks for itself), she is also very trustworthy and sincere. Never had an issue over money, or communication or any thing at all for that matter. She is always willing to listen to my input and ideas, and open for feedback and criticism. She's also very fair with her pricing, never overcharges and always makes sure packages are packed as best as possible and posted quickly so her art always arrives fast and in top shape. As mentioned, I've been dealing with Sasha for years and will gladly keep doing so as long as she's willing to sell her work."

Shiloh Ditzer (USA) - See Shiloh's Custom Collection

"I've been collecting Sasha's exquisite work for two years now. At one point or another I've owned 20+ customs, with approximately 10-15 of them being actual commissions. She's very cooperative with her customers, willing to arrange payment plans, give each person a "reserve list" of customs they would like for future purchases, she collaborates with you on ideas, and ultimately wants you the buyer to be satisfied. While payment is expected up front for all commissions you can rest assured that you will be pleased with your purchase. And if you'd like the paint-work on the final product tweaked a bit more to your liking, Sasha is willing to find a happy medium for her and you!"

Jacob Kuntzman (USA)

"Sasha has been a joy to work with and her attention to detail is unparalleled. She is quick to communicate, and very thorough in making sure every detail is addressed! Not only that, but she finished her work on Lady Jane Grey so quickly that I was stunned at how fast she had produced something so beautiful! I would order from her again in a heartbeat."

Phil Lowther (USA)

"As the recipient and subject of the sculpture, Phil and Katrina, I am blown away! This was by far the most unique and imaginative gift that anyone has ever given me. The detail and accuracy of the sculpture amazes me every time I look at it. After browsing Sasha’s website it is readily apparent that she is an exceptional artist. I cherish the piece I have and would highly recommend her work to anyone!"

Kate Samland (USA) - See Kate's Custom Collection

"I have been commissioning Buffy the Vampire Slayer customs from Sasha since 2009 and I've always been very happy with the finished piece. Her attention to detail makes her stand out as one of the premiere customizers around today. I've never had an issue with paying in advance for the customs, and she is wonderful at communicating her progress on the piece. I highly recommend Sasha to anyone looking to add a unique custom piece to their collection!"

Michelle Donovan (UK)

"I bought my first custom from Sasha a few years ago, as a treat for myself. When I saw just how good the likeness was, I knew I'd be getting another! A lovely collection later and I can honestly say that Sasha is an amazing artist, and I'm always blown away by how accurate she is when capturing a likeness. Her attention to detail is second to none. From the very first contact with Sasha regarding a 'real person' commission, she keeps in contact regularly, makes sure she does exactly what you want, and clarifies even the tiniest detail with you to make sure what you get is perfect. Sasha has always finished everything quickly, without compromising the quality of the piece, and her rates are really good. I cannot recommend Sasha highly enough, and know that I will be ordering from her again in the future!"

Mark Gentry (USA)

"I have been buying custom made figures from Sasha for about 3 years now. Every time that I have bought a figure from her I have never been let down. The figures are beyond great, the best I have ever seen. She puts so much detail in every piece even down to the accessories and bases. It really feels like they just popped out of the TV and on to my shelf. Great person who does great work for Buffy and other TV and movie lovers."

Kieran Beck (UK) - See Kieran's Custom Collection

"From the very first time I commissioned a Buffy custom from Sasha, all the way back in November 2006, to last year, I have never been more overjoyed with a piece. All the detail and quality that goes in to all the customs Sasha makes, it's a truly amazing gift. They are completely one of a kind. For me it was like owning a bit of the TV show just in one little piece! You get for what you pay for, and with Sasha's work you get so much more. I have been so honored to have a piece or pieces made by her! There's only one MsBig Sasha!!"

Christina Hayden (USA)

"I commissioned an action figure of myself, Christina, from Sasha in 2011. The results were of course mind blowing. She captured the tiny details in the floral print of the dress perfectly! Her attention to detail is quite amazing. I keep my action figure on my dresser and I always have people admiring it and asking questions about and saying things like, 'It looks just like you!' They are always surprised to hear it's a one of a kind custom action figure. I highly recommend Sasha for custom made action figures. She is a real pro at this and extremely gifted."


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