Fran's Custom Collection

Fran lives in the UK. She has been collecting my custom figures since February 2009.

Fran's Collection Gallery

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Angel

Needing-Guidance Dawn Witch-Pressure Willow Recruiting Darla, Angel, and Drusilla People-Cellar Darla and Drusilla Cops-Suck Lindsey Dead-but-Still-Pretty Lilah

Firefly and Serenity | Dollhouse

Rescued Inara Disco-Doll Echo Romantic-Doll Victor Natural-Born-Killers Alpha and Whiskey

Battlestar Galactica | Stargate

Pegasus-First-Officer Dualla Adama Frak-Earth Three Ambushed-and-Captured Sam Anders Resisting-the-Mutiny Kara Resisting-the-Mutiny Lee Adama Interrupted Helo and Athena Resisting-the-Mutiny Saul Tigh Air-Force-Colonel Jack O'Neill

Terminator: SCC | Game of Thrones

Brothers-of-Nablus Derek Reese Brothers-of-Nablus Sarah Connor Brothers-of-Nablus Cameron Stark-Prisoner Jaime Lannister Matchmaker Cersei Lannister-Baratheon Betrothed-to-Joffrey Margaery Tyrell Bear-Battling Brienne of Tarth Married-to-Sansa Tyrion Lannister Married-to-Tyrion Sansa Stark


Brain-Tumour Layla Stay-of-Execution Sam Stay-of-Execution Ruby Hounds-of-Hell Bela Angelic-Introduction Castiel Angelic-Introduction Dean Lost-Grace Anna and Ruby Witch-Couple Don Stark Witch-Couple Maggie Stark

True Blood | Vampire Diaries

Area-Five-Sherrif Eric Northman Bad-Blood Eric Bad-Blood Queen Sophie Anne Love-Triangle Stefan Salvatore Love-Triangle Elena Gilbert Love-Triangle Damon Salvatore

Veronica Mars | Bones | Mad Men

Total-Eclipse Logan Total-Eclipse Veronica Bones Seely Booth Mad-Men Joan Holloway

Harry Potter

Incorrigible-Twins Fred and George Weasley Fred's-Girl Angelina Johnson Hogwart's-Pupil Cedric Diggory Courtroom Barty Crouch Jr Dumbledore's-Army Luna Lovegood Dumbledore's-Army Cho Chang Dumbledore's-Army Neville Longbottom Dumbledore's-Army Dean Thomas Spectrespecs Luna Lovegood Advanced-Potions Lavender Brown Advanced-Potions Pansy Parkinson Disarming-Dumbledore Draco Malfoy Wedding-Party Hermione Standing-Her-Ground Hermione and Bellatrix

Twilight Saga

Hungry-in-the-Cafeteria Cullens Volturi-Weapons Jane and Alec Volturi-Smack-Down Bella Volturi-Bait Heidi Voting-for-Bella Carlisle Cullen Perfect-Life Rosalie Hale Manipulation Victoria and Riley Snowy-Showdown Victoria

Hunger Games Trilogy

Hunger-Games-Training Katniss Everdeen Red-Dress Katniss *Light Up* Quarter-Quell-Arena Katniss Quarter-Quell-Arena Finnick Odair Quarter-Quell-Arena Beetee

Prize-winning customs. Valentine Special customs.

Fran's Own Photos


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