Daniela's Custom Collection

Daniela lives in Italy. She has been collecting my custom figures since June 2004.

Daniela's Collection Gallery

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Newly-Chosen-Hemery-High Buffy Sit-and-Spin Spike Slayer-Fest-Queen Cordy Hobo Spike *Light Up* Love's-Bitch Spike Doppelgangland Oz Trussed-Up-Turkey Spike and a Bear Undead-English-Patient Spike Falsely-Accused Spike Initiative-Consultant Jonathan Superstar-Crooner Jonathan William's-Muse Cecily Slayer's-Blood-Aphrodisiac Spike and Dru Humiliated Spike Crazy-Pyjamas Tara Ghost-Molested Spike Spike and Invisible Buffy Missed-the-Bed-Again Spike and Buffy Door-Loving Spike Dear-William Buffy Faux-Sane Spike Soul-Detecting Buffy Dancing-with-Nikki Spike Mummy's-Boy William Saving-the-World Spike *Light Up*


Enchanting Fred Manilow-Fan Angel La-Dolce-Vita Dru The-Immortal-Groupie Darla

Real People

My-Italian-Patron Daniela Spike-Fan Daniela Daniela's-Friend Matteo Beach-Babe Sarah Michelle Gellar Card-Sharp James Marsters Shorn-for-Charity James Marsters Ghost-of-the-Robot James Marsters

Prize-winning customs. Valentine Special customs.


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