Robin's Custom Collection

Robin lives in the UK. He has been collecting my custom figures since April 2006.

Robin's Collection Gallery

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Exacto-Knife Buffy and Vampire Jock *Tall Tales* Talent-Show Buffy Every-Day-Woman Joyce Wall-Phasing-Ghost Willow Giant-Fifth-Grade-Crush Ford Cordy-Tempting Anya Dancing-for-Dollars Xander *Tall Tales* Rain-Forest-Bound Riley Wardrobe-Malfunction Xander Castle-Punching Giant Dawn and Tiny Buffy Cameo Rose and the Doctor Anywhere-But-Here Daniel Craig Mikado Buffy


Moon-Bathing Angel Sweet-Dreams Darla and Angel Annoying-Upstart Angel Leaving-with-the-Stallion Darla Darla's-Champion-and-Sacrifice Angel Miracle-Childbirth Darla and Connor Angel's-New-Secretary Harmony Reassured-Ghost Spike Spike-Saving Fred Broken-Dad Angel and Connor

Firefly and Serenity | Real People

Sniffer-Dog River Robin's-Grandma Louise Red-Carpet Alyson Hannigan

Prize-winning customs.


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