Shaz's Custom Collection

Shaz lives in the USA. She has been collecting my custom figures since May 2007.

Shaz's Collection Gallery

Only click on a thumbnail image if you want more information on a particular custom. Clicking jumps you away from this section, to the main page for the selected custom (by TV show or movie, and so on).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Clothes-Fluke Willow and Xander Flapper-Diva Buffy Painful-Lesson Spike and Buffy Almost-Alive Buffy Halloween-Pirate Xander Wham-Bam! Spike and Buffy Watchers-Academy Wesley and Ripper Giles

Firefly and Serenity | Supernatural

Courtly-Dancing Mal and Inara Out-of-Body-Experience Dean Newly-Orphaned Sam

Halloween Special customs.


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