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Annette lives in the USA. She has been collecting my custom figures since June 2004. My most prolific collector!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 1

Noticing-the-New-Girl Xander New-Girl Buffy, Cordy, and Willow New-Sunnydale-High-Librarian Giles Don't-Mess-with-Me Buffy Walk-Away Buffy and Angel *Light Up* Sid and Dummy-Slayer Buffy Prophetic-Dream Buffy and the Master The-Anointed-One Collin and Buffy Not-Breathing Buffy and Angel

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 2

Broken-Spell Duchess Buffy Rocket-Launching Buffy Soul-Restoring Jenny Handing-Over-Mr-Pointy Kendra and Buffy Big-Moment Kendra What's-Left? Buffy Portal-Closing-Sacrifice Angel *Light Up*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3

Hunga-Munga Buffy Returning-the-Ring Buffy and Angel To-Hell-and-Back Angel and Buffy Pop-Quiz Giles Tai-Chi-UST Buffy and Angel PEZ-Witch-Present Willow and Oz Leather-Lovers Willow and Xander White-Hat Giles Meaner-and-Tougher Buffy Puppy Angel White-Christmas-in-Sunnydale Buffy and Angel Cold-Shoulder Faith and Buffy Sunnydale-Girls Buffy and Willow Heartbreaking-Sewer-Talk Buffy and Angel *Light Up* Salsa-Hot-Prom-Date Cordy Prom-Chaperone Wesley Prom-Chaperone Giles Wild-Horses Giles *Light Up* Wild-Horses Buffy and Angel *Light Up* Wild-Horses Willow and Oz *Light Up* Wild-Horses Xander and Anya *Light Up* Quitting-the-Council Buffy and Giles Big-Sister's-Clothes Buffy Big-Sister's-Clothes Faith

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 4

It's-a-Sombrero Buffy It's-a-Sombrero Giles Third-Wheel Buffy Party-Crashers Giles and Anya Bathing Faith (as Buffy) Sidekick-Betty Buffy Primeval Buffy (12") Mud-Pack Buffy Voice-of-the-Primitive Tara

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5

Beach-Picnic Buffy Tarot-Card-Reading Tara and Willow Dawn-Dilema Buffy Floating-Wiccas Willow and Tara *Light Up* Mis-Stake Buffy Junkie-Vampire-Dusting Buffy Perm-Primping Glory Checkpoint Quentin Travers Redundant-Rescue Spike and Buffy Watchers-Council-Test Buffy Power-Play Buffy, Giles, and Nigel Power-Play Anya, Xander, Willow, and Tara Happier-Times Buffy and Joyce Getting-Through-the-Night Buffy and Angel Knock-Knock Buffy Skirt-Girl Buffybot Special-Programming Buffybot Vision-Quest Buffy and the First Slayer *Light Up* Power-Shot Buffybot Weapon-of-the-Gods Buffy and Glory Shallow-Cuts Doc Blood-Sisters Buffy and Dawn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 6

Buffy-Raising Willow Risen-but-Fabulous Buffy Heaven-Confession Buffy and Spike Daddy-Daughter-Reunion Giles and Buffy Evil-Lint-Bothered Buffy Too-Strong-for-Construction Buffy Handsome-Prince-Rescue Buffy Faux-Optimist Buffy Rest-in-Peace Spike and Buffy Wish-I-Could-Stay Giles and Buffy Buffy-Baiting Sweet Just-Wanting-to-Feel Buffy Superhero-Joan Buffy Accidental-Bunny-Creator Anya *Light Up* Grunt-Work Buffy Empathising-with-the-Addict Buffy Magic-Rehab-Sponsor Buffy Voyeur Buffy All-Dressed-Up Xander and Buffy Nerd-Hunting Buffy Garden-Poking Buffy Daddy's-Home Giles Daddy's-Home Buffy, Anya, and Willow *Light Up* Earth-Wants-You-Back Buffy and Dawn

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 7

Mom-Hair Buffy and Insane-in-the-Basement Spike Boot-Bat-and-Bastinada Buffy Power-Healing Willow and Buffy Lady-Hacks-Away Buffy and Repentant-Demon Anya Letter-Jacket-Loving Buffy Double-Bringer-Slaying Buffy First-Evil Buffy Beaten-Up Buffy Thunderdome-Champion Buffy Crazy-Alphabet Spike and Buffy First-Date Buffy Shadow-Casting Buffy Memory-Lane Faith and Buffy Reconciling Buffy and Faith For-the-End Xander and Buffy Scythe-Battle-Watching Angel Scythe-Battling Buffy and Caleb Slayer-Empowering-Guardian Willow Itchy-Evil Buffy Hold-the-Line Buffy Holding-Hands-on-Fire Buffy and Spike *Light Up* Leaping-to-the-Bus Buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 8 | BtVS Misc | Angel

Bad-Day Buffy and Fray Figurine-Variant Vampire Angel Good-Looking Vampire Perfect-Apartment Cordelia and Phantom Dennis Darla's-New-Beau Angel Orpheus-Overdose Faith and Wesley

Real People

Lovely-Custom-Collector Annette New Annette Silver-Fox Vincent

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