Not-Breathing Buffy and Angel

Side View

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • 1.12 "Prophecy Girl"
  • Buffy has been bitten and drowned by the Master, and Angel has no breath to resuscitate her. Xander must step in.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • OMWF Buffy figure with Anya arms (DST)
  • Deluxe Angel head and Spike arms (DST)
  • Wesley body and jacket (DST)
  • Beach stand (McFarlane)


  • Side view (above)
  • Unpainted sculpt
  • Front view
  • Back view
  • In shade (shows up wet-look)

Winning Custom at BtVSFigs Forum

  • Custom of the Month - April 2011

Sculpt - April 2011

  • Sculpted Buffy's wet hair, necklace, shoulders, and dress, and smoothed over joints in her arms
  • Sculpted Angel's kneeling legs, shirt, and sleeves
  • Pinned and glued Angel to the stand
  • Pinned and glued Buffy to the stand
  • Glued Buffy to Angel's legs and arms
  • Painted skin showing through sheer parts of B's dress
  • Used darker paint for wet-look on stand
  • Used clear gloss varnish to highlight wet parts
  • Printed photo backdrop, crossbow, and candelabra
Unpainted Sculpt
Front View
Back View
In Shade