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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3 Customs

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3 Customs

This is a gallery of all Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3 Customs. Click a thumbnail image (below) or click a title (in the left hand menu) to see larger images and details for each custom.

3.1 "Anne" | 3.2 "Dead Man's Party" | 3.3 "Faith, Hope, and Trick"

Beach-Dream Buffy and Angel Anne-the-Waitress Buffy Hunga-Munga Buffy Ovu-Mobani-Possessed Pat New-Slayer-in-Town Faith Alligator-Wrassling Faith *Tall Tales* Returning-the-Ring Buffy and Angel

3.4 "Beauty and the Beasts" | 3.5 "Homecoming" | 3.6 "Band Candy"

Call-of-the-Wild Angel To-Hell-and-Back Angel and Buffy Clothes-Fluke Willow and Xander Slayer-Fest-Queen Cordy Pop-Quiz Giles

3.7 "Revelations" | 3.8 "Lover's Walk"

Tai-Chi-UST Buffy and Angel Angel-Intervention Buffy PEZ-Witch-Present Willow and Oz Hobo Spike *Light Up* Love's-Bitch Spike Preparing-to-Grovel Willow

3.9 "The Wish"

Cordy-Tempting Anya Leather-Lovers Willow and Xander Wishing-She-Hadn't-Wished Cordy White-Hat Giles Meaner-and-Tougher Buffy Alienated-Alternate-Reality Buffy Puppy Angel

3.10 "Amends" | 3.11 "Gingerbread" | 3.12 "Helpless" | 3.13 "The Zeppo"

Forgiving-Hug Oz White-Christmas-in-Sunnydale Buffy and Angel No-Cure-but-the-Fire Buffy, Willow, and Amy *Light Up* Helpless-but-Determined Buffy and Watcher Blair Battling-the-Hellmouth-Demon Buffy

3.14 "Bad Girls" | 3.16 "Doppelgangland"

Synchronised-Slaying Buffy and Faith Deputy-Mayor-Staking Faith In-Desperate-Need-of-a-Stairmaster Balthazar Doppelgangland Oz Faux-Vampire Willow Woman-to-Woman-Talk Cordy and Willow Pool-Cue-Wielding Buffy

3.17 "Enemies" | 3.19 "Choices"

Door-Smashing-Rogue-Slayer Faith Cold-Shoulder Faith and Buffy Shrouded-Blue Mage *Light Up* Sunnydale-Girls Buffy and Willow

3.20 "The Prom"

Dream-Bride Buffy 'Til-Death-Do-Us-Part Buffy and Angel Burning-Bride Buffy *Light Up* Burning-Bride Angel Heartbreaking-Sewer-Talk Buffy and Angel *Light Up* Salsa-Hot-Prom-Date Cordy Prom-Chaperone Wesley Toy-Surprise Buffy Prom-Chaperone Giles Wild-Horses Giles *Light Up* Wild-Horses Buffy and Angel *Light Up* Wild-Horses Willow and Oz *Light Up* Wild-Horses Xander and Anya *Light Up*

3.21 and 3.22 "Graduation Day"

Quitting-the-Council Buffy and Giles Proud-Papa Mayor Richard Wilkins Big-Sister's-Clothes Faith Big-Sister's-Clothes Buffy Drink-Me Buffy and Angel Sunnydale-High-Graduate Buffy Snake-Food Principal Snyder Cordy-Protecting Jonathan Bye-Bye-Sunnydale-High Buffy and Mayor Wilkins Vampire-Dusting Cordy Farewell-to-Angel Buffy

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3 Customs - 7 Figure Wild-Horses Set