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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 7 Customs

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 7 Customs

This is a gallery of all Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 7 Customs. Click a thumbnail image (below) or click a title (in the left hand menu) to see larger images and details for each custom.

7.1 "Lessons" | 7.2 "Beneath You"

English-Gentleman Giles and Otto Mom-Hair Buffy and Insane-in-the-Basement Spike Boot-Bat-and-Bastinada Buffy Faux-Sane Spike Soul-Detecting Buffy

7.3 "Same Time, Same Place" | 7.4 "Help"

Willow-Welcoming Buffy Gnarl-Hunting Buffy Power-Healing Willow and Buffy Helpful-Counselor Buffy

7.5 "Selfless"

Moving-Willow-Back-In Buffy Swedish-Aud Anya Lady-Macbeth-Anya Spider-Barrier-Spell Willow Spider-Demon-Slaying Buffy La-Belle-Epoque Anya Mrs Anya Lame-Ass-Made-Up-Maiden-Name Harris Lady-Hacks-Away Buffy and Repentant-Demon Anya

7.6 "Him" | 7.7 "Conversations with Dead People"

Love-Counselor Buffy Love-Struck Buffy Letter-Jacket-Loving Buffy Cemetery-Therapy-Session Buffy

7.9 "Never Leave Me" | 7.10 "Bring on the Night"

Helpful-Scooby Anya She-Witch Willow Bit-Peckish Spike and Andrew Double-Bringer-Slaying Buffy First-Evil Buffy Beaten-Up Buffy

7.11 "Showtime" | 7.12 "Potential" | 7.13 "The Killer In Me" | 7.14 "First Date" | 7.15 "Get It Done"

Crazy-Alphabet-Eyes Bringer Welcome-to-the-Hellmouth Rona Thunderdome-Champion Buffy Crazy-Alphabet Spike and Buffy Cemetery-Lesson Vi Finding-Her-Potential Amanda Out-and-Proud Kennedy First-Date Buffy Shadow-Casting Buffy

7.16 "Storyteller" | 7.17 "Lies My Parents Told Me" | 7.18 "Dirty Girls"

Masterpiece-Theatre Andrew *Tall Tales* Lion's-Heart Buffy Dancing-with-Nikki Spike Mummy's-Boy William Greater-Good Robin Wood Memory-Lane Faith and Buffy Muderous Faith and the Vulcan *Tall Tales* Reconciling Buffy and Faith

7.19 "Empty Places" | 7.20 "Touched" | 7.21 "End of Days"

Deflated-General Buffy Popularity-Contest Faith Best-Night Spike and Buffy Scythe-in-the-Stone Buffy For-the-End Xander and Buffy Scythe-Battle-Watching Angel Scythe-Battling Buffy and Caleb

7.22 "Chosen"

Chosen-Champion Spike and Buffy Slayer-Empowering-Guardian Willow White-Witch Willow *Light Up* Kennedy the Vampire Slayer Brave-Last-Stand Anya Hellmouth-Army Ubervamp Vi the Vampire Slayer Final-Fight Buffy and Dusted Ubervamp Hold-the-Line Faith Itchy-Evil Buffy Hold-the-Line Buffy Scythe-Swinging Buffy Losing-Spike Buffy Holding-Hands-on-Fire Buffy and Spike *Light Up* Saving-the-World Spike *Light Up* Leaping-to-the-Bus Buffy Not-the-Only-Chosen Buffy

Prize-winning customs. Customs donated to charity auctions.

Example Custom Tableau

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 7 Customs - Holding-Hands-on-Fire Buffy and Spike *Light Up*