TLC Plant Joe

Front View

Real People - Colleagues

"My name is Joe Keeler. How may I help you?"


My colleague Joe is a project manager who contracts several days a week. While he was away, we replaced him with a plant. Plant Joe was equally as popular as real Joe and initiated some excellent reforms in the change control process. Joe's contract is finishing, so I made him a mini Plant Joe, in case he needs a good substitute in his new role.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Balloon head and plant (DST)
  • Kurt Cobain chair (NECA Toys)

Sculpt - November 2012

  • Altered the plant shape
  • Sculpted over the balloon
  • Fixed all the parts together with nails/glue
  • Printed the post-it note


  • Front view
  • The real person | Joe with Mini Plant Joe
The Real Person Joe with Mini Plant Joe


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