Unseelie-Queen Andais

Front View



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Laurell K Hamilton Books - Merry Gentry Series

  • Andais is a sexual sadist with a love of drawing blood and severe torture. For hundreds of years since taking a consort, she condemned her Ravens to celibacy before lifting the geas for Meredith. As the Queen of Air and Darkness, Andais can hear anything said in the dark and can draw the air out of a room.

Winning Custom Set at BtVSFigs Forum

  • NJ Custom of the Month - December 2013

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann head and torso (NECA Toys)
  • Base for 3" mini-bust (MAC)

Sculpt - November 2013

  • Sculpted hair curled in a crown-like coiffure
  • Attached bust to base and printed name/sigil


  • Front view
  • Back view | Side view
  • Unpainted sculpt
  • Barinthus, Rhys, and Queen Andais
  • Full set of Merry Gentry busts
Back View Side View
Unpainted Sculpt
Full Set of Merry Gentry Busts