Unseelie-Court-Sidhe Barinthus

Front View



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Laurell K Hamilton Books - Merry Gentry Series

  • A god of the sea and one the most powerful members of either court. Andais fears Barinthus for his nickname Kingmaker and the knowledge that he might have killed her to place her brother on the throne if Essus wished it. Merry restores him to full power as Manannan Mac Lir, the sea and weather god from Irish mythology.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Star Trek Khan head (Art Asylum)
  • New Moon Jacob torso (NECA Toys)
  • Base for 3" mini-bust (MAC)

Sculpt - November 2013

  • Sculpted his long sea-like hair
  • Attached bust to base and printed name/sigil


  • Front view
  • Back view | Unpainted sculpt
  • Barinthus, Rhys, and Queen Andais
  • Full set of Merry Gentry busts
Back View Unpainted Sculpt
Full Set of Merry Gentry Busts