Unseelie-Heir Princess Meredith

Front View



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Laurell K Hamilton Books - Merry Gentry Series

  • Meredith NicEssus is a faerie princess turned private investigator (pseudonym Merry Gentry), as she hides from her homicidal family. During the series, Meredith returns to the Unseelie court of the Sidhe and is named as a potential heir to Queen Andais. She gains some terrifying powers: the Hand of Flesh and the Hand of Blood. She is also able to bring others to their full power through fertility rites.

Winning Custom Set at BtVSFigs Forum

  • NJ Custom of the Month - December 2013

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • New Moon Alice head (NECA Toys)
  • 300 Queen Gorgo torso (NECA Toys)
  • Base for 3" mini-bust (MAC)

Sculpt - December 2013

  • Sculpted hair, necklace, and patchwork dress
  • Attached bust to base and printed name/sigil


  • Front view
  • Back view | Unpainted sculpt
  • Sholto, Merry, and Nicca
  • Full set of Merry Gentry busts
Back View Unpainted Sculpt
Sholto, Merry, and Nicca
Full Set of Merry Gentry Busts