Unseelie-Court-Sidhe Doyle

Front View



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Laurell K Hamilton Books - Merry Gentry Series

  • The Queen's Darkness, now one of Meredith's lovers and loyal to her. Doyle is the captain of Andais' guard and (like Meredith) a mixed Sidhe. He is half hell-hound and can shift shape. Doyle is an intimidating presence who also serves as Meredith's adviser.

Winning Custom Set at BtVSFigs Forum

  • NJ Custom of the Month - December 2013

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • New Moon Jacob head and torso (NECA Toys)
  • Base for 3" mini-bust (MAC)

Sculpt - November 2013

  • Altered nose and chin
  • Sculpted hair, necklace, and piercings
  • Attached bust to base and printed name/sigil


  • Front view
  • Back view | Unpainted sculpt
  • Frost, Doyle, and Galen
  • Full set of Merry Gentry busts
Back View Unpainted Sculpt
Full Set of Merry Gentry Busts