King-in-the-North Jon Snow

Side View
Front View
Back View

Game of Thrones

  • 6.10 "The Winds of Winter"
  • After the Starks reclaim Winterfell, the northern houses rally around them and declare Jon the King in the North

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Jon head and sword, Ned body, and Robb leather guards (Dark Horse)

Sculpt - August 2016

  • Made the figure shorter and slimmer and trimmed the bottom of the cloak
  • Sculpted the hair, chest, shoulder fur, boots, and Longclaw's hilt
  • Sculpted the rough stone floor


  • Side and front views (above)
  • Back view
  • Reference, parts, and unpainted sculpt
  • Lyanna and Jon
Reference, Parts, and Unpainted Sculpt
Lyanna and Jon