Walking-through-Fire-at-the-Dosh-Khaleen Daenerys

Low-light View
Front View
Side View
Unpainted Sculpt

Game of Thrones

  • 6.4 "Book of the Stranger"
  • Daenerys burns down the Dosh Khaleen, killing all inside, and walks through the fire unscathed. The remaining Dothraki bow down in awe.

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Daenerys head (Dark Horse)
  • Bikini Girl body (Shapeways)
  • Essence of Spike light up stand, repainted (DST)

Sculpt - January 2020

  • Removed lower leg and bikini and altered body shape
  • Sculpted hair
  • Repainted flames and ashy stand and added real wood, repainted as burnt


  • Low lights, front, and side views (above)
  • Unpainted sculpt