Queen's-Council Missandei of Naath

Front View
Side View
Back View

Game of Thrones

  • 6.4 "Book of the Stranger"
  • Former slave and translator, Missandei, is now a trusted part of the Daenerys's council with Tyrion and Grey Worm

Recipe - Thanks for the Parts!

  • Sydney Bristow head (NECA Toys)
  • Lost Shannon torso and arms (McFarlane)
  • Grey Worm legs and stand (Dark Horse)

Sculpt - September 2016

  • Altered the forehead, nose, and upper lip
  • Lengthened arms and changed position
  • Sculpted hair, hairband, leather vest, belt, and arm guards, and wide-leg trousers


  • Front and side views (above)
  • Back view
  • Reference, parts, and unpainted sculpt
  • Missandei & Tyrion | Missandei & Daenerys
Reference, Parts, and Unpainted Sculpt
Missandei and Tyrion
Missandei and Daenerys