Actors Holding Their Custom Figures

I've only attended one convention myself, Halloween, London, 2005, and I got some photos of the actors holding my custom-made figures. Some of my buyers and online friends took snaps of Joss Whedon and actors from his projects at various conventions and events. The organisers at the Toronto Trek/Polaris charity auctions and Chris at PixelBarrel have also been great about sending me photos of actors auctioning my custom figure donations.


Click on the links to jump to details of the custom figures that the actors were photographed with.

Joss Whedon, Wizard World, Chicago 2004

  • I sent Numfar to Joss Whedon as a gift

Joss Whedon Holding Numfar

Clare Kramer, Sunnydale Central, Toronto 2004

  • Clare signed Glory's base for my buyer

Clare Kramer Holding Glory

George Hertzenberg, Toronto Trek, 2004

  • I sent Adam for the charity auction

George Hertzenberg Auctioning Adam

Stephanie Romanov, Toronto Trek, 2004

  • I sent Lilah for the charity auction

Stephanie Romanov Posing with Lilah

Kali Rocha, Toronto Trek, 2005

  • I sent Halfrek for the charity auction

Kali Rocha Holding Halfrek

Danny Strong, Toronto Trek, 2005

  • I sent Jonathan for the charity auction

Danny Strong Holding Jonathan

James Marsters, Halloween, London 2005

  • I took Spike as a convention prize

James Marsters Holding Spike

Juliet Landau, Halloween, London 2005

Juliet Landau Holding Drusilla

Amy Acker, Halloween, London 2005

  • I took Fred as a convention prize

Amy Acker Holding Fred

Luke Perry, Halloween, London 2005

  • I took Pike as a convention prize

Luke Perry Holding Pike

Jewel Staite, Hawaii 2005

  • Jewel signed Kaylee's base for my buyer

Jewel Staite with Kaylee

Andy Hallett, SlayerCon, Knoxville 2005

  • My buyer took Lorne to show Andy

Andy Hallett Holding Lorne

Adam Busch, Toronto Trek, 2006

  • I sent Warren for the charity auction, and Adam recreated his stance

Adam Busch Mimicing Warren

Adrianne Palicki, Christmas 2010

  • Annie's parents bought this "Supernatural" Jessica figure for her as a Christmas gift

Adrianne Palicki Holding Jessica

Ron Glass, Polaris, Toronto 2007

  • I sent Book for the charity auction

Ron Glass Auctioning Book

Charlaine Harris, Polaris, Toronto 2011

  • I sent Sookie for the charity auction

Charlaine Harris Holding Sookie

Ara Celi, 2014

  • I made Ampata (the Inca Mummy Princess from Buffy) as a special commission for Ara Celi

Ara Celi and Ampata


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