Example Using Lights


In April 2006, I decided to use Diamond Select Toys' translucent orange Spike figure as a burning-up Spike custom. This scene is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode 7.22 "Chosen".

Light-Up Base

I planned to use Johnny Storm's light-up body parts but I couldn't make it work. I just used a few of his flames. I remembered I had a gadget with tiny red fairy lights on wires, so I drilled holes into Wesley's cabinet to poke the lights through. I added sculpey and warped the cabinet by boiling. I painted the stand to look like rock.

Arranging Spike

I lined up Spike to work out where the lights showed through. I sculpted the sleeves and cut his coat to show the lights. I drilled into the figure in a few places to give some burn texture. I made the amulet from a glass bead. I painted parts of his body with flesh tone and clothing, and some as burns.


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