Example Sculpting Hair


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - Reference Photos Used


For the parts, I used a Divergent Tris head and a generic bust. Thanks to NECA Toys for the parts!  I took photos of the various stages in sculpting. I've used this as a tutorial for sculpting wavy hair.

Sculpting Wonder Woman in 8 Stages

Stages 1-4 - Sculpting the Outfit

  1. I removed the hair from the Tris head and shaved the tip of her nose and jawline with a scalpel. I sculpted more definition to her brow line and a fuller lower lip. I sculpted the headband, and then boiled the head to set the sculpey. I sculpted a smoother throat, shoulders, and collar bones. I attached the head to the neck with a metal pin and glue. I then boiled again to set.

  2. I sculpted the basic bodice shape and scored a ribbed effect as a pattern, and then boiled to set.

  3. I sculpted the bird-shaped edge to the bodice, and boiled again to set.

  4. I sculpted the belt, and then boiled to set.

  5. I placed super sculpey clay in a basic shape for her hair (see #9 for back view).

  6. I used a colour shaper (the rubber pointy tool shown in the photo) to shape the wavy strands into the basic shape. Deeper scores to shape each lock and a shallow score within the lock.

  7. I sculpted all the locks of hair within the basic shape (see #10 for back view), and then boiled to set.

  8. Once the basic hair shape was boiled hard, I used it a structure for the rest of the hair. I rolled out slim sausages of sculpey as the locks of hair and attached them one by one. I placed each one in a wavy shape, and then gently scored a line down the middle of it. Then applied the next one, building up around 20 locks of hair until it looked like the same size and shape as the reference photo (see #11 and #12 for back and side views).

Stages 5-8 - Sculpting the Wavy Hair: Front View

Stages 9-12 - Sculpting the Wavy Hair: Back View

The Finished 3" Mini-Bust

I then painted the bust using acrylic paint and gold paint-pen, and sprayed it with matt sealant. I printed the name and logo and attached it with glue. I used a blob of clear nail varnish to make the red jewel in her headband shine.

OOAK 3" Mini-Bust of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


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