About Me - Amateur Dramatics!

This has nothing to do with customising but a few friends wanted to see the photos of my various acting exploits. Ha!

Theatrical Productions - 2000-2002

I joined the Worcester Amateur Dramatics company from 2000 to 2002 and acted in a number of plays before I found a different vent for my artistic inclination (i.e. customising figures).


It was fun, but I'd had enough after three productions. Also, I kept getting type-cast. In the first, an Agatha Christie play, I was the homicidal blonde floozy who bumped off the wife of a much older man. In the next two comedies, I was the idiot blonde floozy, who threw herself at older men (both times). Needless to say, the directors were older men who found this material appealing. For me, not so much!


Here are some photos to amuse! The costumes were all my own clothes, apart from the skanky fur in the first photo. I look like quite the hammy actor, I know, but I was playing to a large theatre (300 capacity) and they have to be able to see you at the back. Honest!


Television - 1985

In the first year of my English/Drama degree in London, I did a few TV spots, just as an extra. The first was an advert in retro 60's style. This is me with my friend Mike Jarman.


Philips Compact Disc TV Advert - 1985



The second a music video filmed in Trafalgar Square. In the photo, you can also see me with my friends Howard Sykes, Jon Berridge, Matthew Margetts, and Philippa Catt.


Big Audio Dynamite "Bottom Line" Music Video - 1985


Dance Productions - 1981-1986

This is a compilation of photos from various dance productions I did at school and university. I was also in chorus of some professional theatrical productions.


Dance and Drama Productions - 1981-1986


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