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Customs Made in July and August 2010


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Broken-Spell Duchess Buffy Dingoes-Guitarist Oz Order-of-Taraka Drusilla Failing-Student Gage Petronzi Vampire-Dusting Cordy Silent-Slide-Show Giles Silent-Slide-Show Buffy Happier-Times Buffy and Joyce Halloween-Bone-Anza Wizard Giles All-Dressed-Up Xander and Buffy Crazy-Alphabet Spike and Buffy Hold-the-Line Buffy

Angel | Dr. Horrible | Dark Angel

Vampire-Pyramid-First-Tier Harmony Armed-and-Dangerous Cordy The-Latest-Style Angel Anti-Hero Dr. Horrible Nemesis Captain Hammer Love-Interest Penny Cat-Burglar Max Basement-Nomalie Joshua Cat-Burglar Alec

Supernatural | Veronica Mars

Dead-in-the-Water Andrea Brain-Tumour Layla Demon's-Daughter Meg Stay-of-Execution Sam Stay-of-Execution Ruby Monochrome-FBI-Agent Dean Damsel-in-Distress Veronica Trophy-Wife Kendall Casablancas Needing-a-Cushion Logan

Battlestar Galactica | Twilight Saga

Holiday-Romance Sam Anders Hard-Liner Admiral Cain Rescue-Accomplished Admiral Adama Interrupted Helo and Athena Reminiscing Jasper and Alice Confederate-Major Jasper Whitlock

Prize-winning customs. Customs donated to charity auctions.

Example Custom Tableau

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Season 1 Customs - Dr. Horrible, Captain Hammer, and Penny


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