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Customs Made in May and June 2010


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

New-Girl Buffy, Cordy, and Willow Blood-of-the-Sire Buffy and Angel Beach-Picnic Buffy Watcher-Recruiting Buffy The-Body Joyce and Buffy

Angel | Firefly and Serenity

Darla's-New-Beau Angel Recruiting Darla, Angel, and Drusilla Brothers-in-Arms Angel and Spike You're-Welcome Fred Funny-Stories Kaylee


Promo Sam Winchester Promo Dean Winchester Sam's-Girl Jessica Demon-Hunter John Winchester Out-of-Body-Experience Dean Angelic-Introduction Castiel Angelic-Introduction Dean Oktoberfest Jamie and the Wolfman Oktoberfest Dean

Twilight Saga | Real People

Wolf-Pack Jacob Wolf-Pack Sam Uley Wolf-Pack Paul Conflicted-Beta Jacob Volturi-Bait Heidi Mountain-Scout Jacob Poet Brendan Behan

Prize-winning customs.

Example Custom Tableau

Supernatural - Season 4 Customs - Oktoberfest Dean, Jamie, and the Wolfman


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